Vicki White, RN, BSN, MSN, CNS

Interim Chief Clinical Officer

Executive Leadership

Vicki White has served in a variety of non-profit settings as a nursing executive, most recently in a large faith-based system. Her responsibilities included acute and ambulatory operational oversight. She is dedicated to developing a strong foundation of shared governance to include those who do the work of care in finding optimal ways to improve workflows and quality outcomes through caregiver engagement. An area of special passion for White is patient throughput and working with diverse teams to implement reliable strategies to reduce wait times, waste and hospital stays. In a similar fashion, building and developing leaders to support those providing the care, including partner providers, is a top priority. She is certain that leadership matters, first last and always, at all levels.

White has a keen appreciation for the increasingly regulated environment in which care is delivered and the adjustments and cultural transformation that is necessary to assist caregivers to move forward. She has supported inter-professional teams in four organizations to plan for and deliver exceptional survey results with measured improvements. Critical to that process has been the development of bedside caregiver knowledge, an investment in lasting learning for the team.

White is a steadfast advocate for family inclusion into the care equation, including inviting families into the planning of improvements to better serve patient’s needs. White is a strong believer in being in the right place at the right time and loving the work each of us do to contribute our best.

White is the proud mother of five and grandmother of 10 beautiful human beings.