The February Basket of Goodwill was passed from the Emergency Department to Diagnostic Imaging along with the following kind words:

No Emergency Department can run smoothly without our Diagnostic Imaging partners. We all have our piece to do to make sure that our patients—who often are seeking our care when they are scared and in pain—are as comfortable, safe, and informed about what is happening as possible. Their team communicates well, always has great bedside manner, and helps make the patient experience the best in the ED. Thank you for all you do—we salute you!

The “Basket of Goodwill” has been a tradition at Island Health that recognizes the great work and support from one department to another. The baskets have gained great popularity over the years due to the competitiveness and creativity of the departments. The Basket of Goodwill continues to be a highlight for the department both receiving and giving the basket.

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Published on February 7, 2022