Disinfecting is more important than ever during the pandemic. Environmental Services (EVS) Supervisor April Carlson and her staff make keeping the hospital clean and safe for patients their mission. They understand that healthcare is essential and that delaying care is not an option. The staff follow strict Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for disinfecting surfaces to ensure patients remain safe and are able to continue to receive the care they need. It’s a big job during non-COVID times and one that got even tougher this past year.

In addition to daily rigorous cleaning standards, Island Hospital EVS staff randomly test patient care surfaces using an ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate meter. The ATP meter is used as a training tool for new staff and an audit tool to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is being achieved. Throughout every month, Carlson performs 96 random surface tests in patient care areas over all shifts and days of the week to make certain results are unbiased. “It’s important to have objective metrics to ensure the hospital is safe and clean for patients and staff,” says Carlson.

During COVID, EVS has implemented additional cleaning of “high touch” surfaces such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons and restrooms. In addition, Island Hospital is taking extra measures to ensure the safety of patients:

  • Screening patients and staff
  • Requiring masks be worn
  • Rearranging waiting areas to ensure chairs are spaced six feet apart
  • Limiting visitors to our campus

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Published on June 11, 2021