Mammography technologist Nicole Kingsley standing in front of the mammography machine.

Department: Diagnostic Imaging

New Mammography Screening Recommendations

Effective 4/30/2024: The U.S. Preventive Task Force recommends that all women get screened for breast cancer every other year, starting at age 40 and continuing through age 74.

To schedule your mammogram, call 360.299.1315, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., or visit the myIslandHealth patient portal to schedule now.

Putting Patient's Anxieties at Ease

What do I enjoy most about being a mammography technologist?
I enjoy mammography because it is rewarding to put patient’s anxieties at ease by making the exam as easy and stress free as possible. When it comes to the patients who are dealing with a possible cancer diagnosis, sometimes it means hugging them, or giving them the compassion and empathy they need in order to cope with what may be in their future.

What is the most rewarding part of my job?
The best is when I get to tell a patient that everything is fine and they are good to go for another year.

Why did I become a mammography technologist?
Being a new grad, I knew it was something that would benefit myself and my career, so I took the mammography technologist course and got my license right away.

Why do you like working at Island Health?
I enjoy working at Island Health because I work with a great group of women who strive to make things better and easier for our patients.

What do I want women to know about mammograms?
The technology and machines have improved so much that it isn’t as bad as you might think. While staying relaxed can be challenging during the exam, it truly minimizes the discomfort.

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