For years, community members have been able to access health education classes and screenings such as blood-pressure checks, cholesterol screening, and vitamin D tests at Island Hospital. Taught by our talented doctors, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals, these programs are instrumental in encouraging community health, reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices and helping patients learn about managing chronic conditions. Classes and seminars about childbirth, nutrition, Medicare, mental health and aging have all been a cornerstone of what the hospital offers the community.

This year, Island Hospital is increasing its investment in the future of health and wellness for our community. In 2022, Island Hospital will open a new Health and Wellness Center on Commercial Avenue in the former NAPA building, across the street from the main hospital campus. With building plans underway, community education staff are planning new offerings that expand and enhance its current programs.

“Part of keeping quality healthcare close to home means expanding community health services. We’re proud to be able to increase our services and provide innovative programming for an ever-growing community through the new Health and Wellness Center,” stated Island Hospital CEO, Charles Hall, MSN, MBA.

Delivering preventive and chronic care management classes across the region will be a primary focus at the new Center. It will host an increased volume of classes, additional screenings, support groups, and other health events, and it will be equipped with video technology that allows both in-person and remote participation. “Our new way of learning requires new technology and space,” said Hall.

The new Health and Wellness Center will provide education, tools and support to empower community members to make healthier lifestyle choices. Whether it be a hands-on cooking class for weight loss, an exercise class to help lower blood pressure or a mindfulness class to reduce stress, the Health and Wellness Center will provide opportunities for healthy exploration. Programs
will be designed to help individuals get healthy and stay healthy.

Once renovated, the new Health and Wellness Center will have a state-of-the-art kitchen for cooking demonstrations and nutrition classes, an area for group classes, and spaces to comfortably host support groups and behavioral-health therapy, as well as space for seminars and classes. The space will be designed with flexible walls and partitions to accommodate a variety of curriculum with modern technology to broadcast remotely.

Classes, seminars, and free and low-cost screenings open doors for individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices or talk to their provider about managing a condition. When people connect with others facing similar health goals or challenges, they gain support. In an age where healthcare must be proactive, the Health and Wellness Center will deliver on Island Hospital’s commitment to quality care and quality outcomes, while enhancing our region’s focus on quality of life.

For more information about the new Health and Wellness Center, donating to the center’s fund, or to learn about The Well Journey Adventure, visit or call 360-299-4201.

For a full listing of the community education classes during the Well Journey Adventure, please visit or call 360-299-4204.


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Published on May 6, 2021