March is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is Celebrating Global Flavors. Throughout the month, Island Health Registered Dietitian Amber Phillips will be spotlighting a fun recipe you can try, that incorporates global flavors. We’ll kick things off with Yucca Fries with Chimichurri.

Yucca, also known as cassava, was originally cultivated in the subtropical areas of South America near the Amazon. In modern times, yucca is a staple starch for much of Latin America and Africa. Similar in texture to a potato, the yucca root contains more calories and carbohydrates than potato, but has less potassium and phosphorus. While this may seem an unfamiliar ingredient to you, both tapioca and cassava flour are commonly used ingredients in the US. Yucca has a rough brown skin that is dipped in wax for a better shelf-life. Always peel this skin away when preparing the root.

Chimichurri is an uncooked condiment traditionally eaten on grilled meats in Argentina and Uruguay. While the recipe can vary, it usually contains some combination of parsley, oregano, garlic, and vinegar. This bright, garlicky and acidic sauce balances the richness of red meat and the starchiness of tubers. Quick to prepare, you may find yourself drizzling chimichurri on just about anything!

To view the whole recipe, click the link below:

Yucca Fries with Chimichurri


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Published on February 24, 2022