The Island Hospital Employee of the Month for August is Laboratory Chemistry Lead Christopher Edwards MT.

As the chemistry lead, Chris is responsible for the technical and administrative operations within the Chemistry Department. He assesses, builds and ensures the accuracy of all tests performed in this area. Chris maintains the quality of Island Hospital’s Laboratory testing by verifying quality-control testing, setting standard deviation and facilitating proficiency testing to meet or exceed Island Hospital’s accreditation body’s requirements. Chris is exceptional at his job. He is able to assimilate scientific data and present this information to medical staff as well as patients with clarity and understanding. One of Chris’s greatest assets is his interpersonal skills making each person he works with feel special and supported. He first and foremost recognizes the potential impact and the life-changing information his department delivers on a daily basis.

Since his arrival in 2014, Chris has characterized Island Hospital’s Promise to consistently provide the best customer service to our patients, families, guests and colleagues. Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration, Chris!

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Published on September 5, 2019