The Island Hospital Employee of the Month for December is Emergency Department Charge Nurse Kate Scherer, BSN, RN.

Kate is a phenomenal charge nurse and dedicated patient advocate in the Emergency Department (ED). She has the ability to cut through the chaos that can sometimes transpire in the ED and zone in on what needs to be done for the sickest of patients at any given time. Kate is a brilliant nurse with superior critical thinking and time management skills, which are essential to have in this fast paced department. Kate always takes time to mentor new staff in the department. Her team states she is direct, kind, and makes patients and families feel safe and secure. Kate loves emergency medicine and being a nurse, and it shows.

Since her arrival in 2016, Kate has characterized Island Hospital’s Promise to consistently provide the best customer service to our patients, families, guests and colleagues. Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration, Kate!

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Published on December 20, 2021