Rendering of what the new Emergency Department entrance will look like once construction is complete.

The multi-faceted Emergency Services Project at Island Health is progressing, with construction beginning within the Emergency Department (ED) this week. 


The ED work includes new flooring, paint and casework around the central workstation. Island Health anticipates this portion of the project will take approximately three months to complete due to the need for phased work to keep the ED operational. Patients may be relocated to different areas around the ED during renovations, and a portion of the waiting area will be converted for patients awaiting discharge orders. The first phase of the ED renovation begins Monday, November 13, with floor demo work.


Once complete, the ED will become a secured department. The Main Entrance off of 24th Street will become a proper “front door” to the hospital and outpatient services. Island Health anticipates finalizing construction in the Main Entrance (off of 24th Street) by the end of 2023. The lobby has been under construction for the last few months. Once complete, this Main Entrance will house six registration desks and a central greeter station. Patients seeking to access laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, or surgical services will use the Main Entrance on 24th Street. The ED entrance will only be used for ED patients and after-hours access to the hospital for visitation purposes, via an employee-badged access point.  


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Published on November 13, 2023