The Island Hospital Employee of the Month for Environmental Services Housekeeper Brenda Schlindwein.

Brenda goes above and beyond every day to exceed patient and staff expectations. She shows compassion, attentiveness and pride in her work. When preparing patient rooms, Brenda’s mindset is that the incoming patient could be a family member and she gives her full attention to ensure all steps are completed accurately and consistently. When interacting with patients, she is friendly and welcoming, and ensures that she has met all their needs before leaving the room. She is keenly attentive to the specific requirements of each department and is always will to lend a hand. Her supervisor notes that Brenda “strives daily to find creative ways to be more efficient in her role.”

Since her arrival in 2007, Brenda has characterized Island Hospital’s Promise to consistently provide the best customer service to our patients, families, guests and colleagues. Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration, Brenda!

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Published on December 3, 2019