The Island Hospital Employee of the Month for September is Sports & Spine Patient Appointment Coordinator Jacqueline Hussey.

Jackie has a can-do attitude and is a team player. She willingly volunteers to take on additional tasks such as working with special committees on process improvement or helping clinical staff members with processing prior authorizations for medications. Patients and staff appreciate her calm, friendly demeanor and unwavering professionalism. In her role, Jackie interacts with patients who suffer with pain and advocates for them on a daily basis. She is compassionate, caring and sensitive to their emotional needs. Jackie is always trying to relieve whatever stressors she can for the patients and often works directly with their insurance companies to facilitate getting referrals corrected or medications approved.

Since her arrival in 2017, Jackie has characterized Island Hospital’s Promise to consistently provide the best customer service to our patients, families, guests and colleagues. Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration, Jackie!

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Published on September 10, 2020