Rendering of the new helipad that will be located on top of the emergency department.

The Emergency Services Project at Island Health will involve some traffic redirection near the Emergency Department (ED) entrance roundabout and ED parking lot over the next few weeks. While the ED entrance will remain open during construction, patients may see traffic rerouted around the parking lot to access the entrance during crane activity.

Island Health is working with our contractors to minimize crane activity and implement all safety precautions. Those precautions include encouraging all patients to use the entrances off of 24th or 25th Streets to access appointments. A security guard will monitor atrium traffic during any crane activity, and plenty of cones and signage will be placed to direct traffic, when necessary.

The ED entrance off of 26th Street and Commercial Avenue should be reserved for patients needing to access the Emergency Department only. All patient discharges from Acute Care, Intensive Care, Birth Center and Surgery will be via the Main Entrance off of 24th Street, and this is where patients will be picked up by their support person.

The map below shows revised traffic patterns during crane activity.

Once complete, the ED will become a secured department with the Main Entrance off of 24th Street becoming a true “front door” to the hospital and outpatient services. For further details on the project, please visit

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Published on September 26, 2023