Emergency Services Project
Emergency Services Project
Island Health is working to update our facility to better provide emergency services so you can get help when you need it most.

Architect: BNH Botesch, Nash & Hall
Contractor: Wellman & Zuck
Construction timeline: July 2023–March 2024
Estimated cost: $4.5 M
Elevator Shaft & Stairs
Elevator Shaft and Stairs
July-December 2023
A trauma elevator will be constructed to accommodate large gurneys and emergency care providers, ensuring life-flight personnel can continue their expedited care on their journey to the Emergency Department.
Registration Area (Main Entrance)
Registration Area
(Main Entrance)
August-November 2023
The redesign and modernization of the 24th Street main entrance will accommodate a welcome desk and six patient access kiosks with improved privacy.
Rooftop and Helipad
Rooftop and Helipad
September-December 2023
Island Health’s helipad sees over 170 landings each year from Airlift Northwest and Life Flight helicopters.
Rooftop helipads are proven more safe for landing and transporting patients to and from the Emergency Department.
Emergency Department Interior
Emergency Department Interior
November-December 2023
Improved patient and staff safety will be achieved by installing security doors to create a separate Emergency Department, ensuring healthy individuals are separated from sick patients.
Patient Waiting Area
Patient Waiting Area
November 2023
The current central registration area will turn into an expanded centralized patient waiting area for all hospital services.
Emergency Department Registration & Security Desk
Emergency Department Registration & Security Desk
December 2023-March 2024
An integrated registration desk within the Emergency Department, along with a dedicated security desk in the vestibule, will improve staff and patient safety.

Follow Our Progress!

Safety first! With construction comes important safety requirements; therefore, patients, visitors and staff should not enter construction zones at any time. Thank you for your cooperation as we update our spaces.

Construction Updates

  • September 21, 2023: Crane activity will begin in the Emergency Department (ED) roundabout next week. This will involve some traffic redirection near the ED entrance and ED parking lot over the next few weeks. While the ED entrance will remain open during construction, patients may see traffic rerouted around the parking lot to access the entrance during crane activity. The map below shows revised traffic patterns during crane activity.

    ED Crane traffic reroute


    Island Health is working with our contractors to minimize crane activity and implement all safety precautions. Those precautions include encouraging all patients to use the entrances off of 24th or 25th Streets to access appointments. In addition, a security guard will monitor atrium traffic during any crane activity, and plenty of cones and signage will be placed to direct traffic, when necessary.

    The ED entrance and parking lot off of 26th Street and Commercial Avenue should be reserved for patients needing to access the Emergency Department only. All patient discharges from Acute Care, Intensive Care, Birth Center and Surgery will be via the Main Entrance off of 24th Street, and this is where patients will be picked up by their support person.


    September 1, 2023: Our construction continues to progress with work in three areas, including:

    • Ambulance bay outside of the Emergency Department to construct the elevator shaft
    • Hospital rooftop for the helipad supports
    • Main Entrance lobby for registration area framework

    This month, forklifts will be on site to deliver materials. Please steer clear of all construction areas and equipment. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Improved Care Delivery and Safety

Through a federal grant that was applied for in 2019 and received in 2022, Island Health is relocating the helicopter pad from the north parking lot to the roof of our Acute Care Unit, closer to the Emergency Department (ED). This project also includes updates to the ED and Main Entrance (off of 24th Street) to improve patient flow, safety and security. Once complete, the ED will be a secured department, and our 24th Street entrance will become a true “front door” to the organization. Patient parking at the south end of our campus, near the ED, is very limited. This “back door” entrance should be used by emergency patients and staff only.

Key highlights and benefits of the Emergency Services Project:

  • Relocation of the helicopter pad to the roof, closer to the Emergency Department
  • Enhanced building security for patients and staff
  • Improved flight path for airlifts
  • Creation of a true “front door” to Island Health on 24th Street
  • Expansion of the 24th Street parking lot for expanded clinic space
  • Improved patient flow and wayfinding

Project Details & Milestones

Architect: BNH Botesch, Nash & Hall

Contractor: Wellman & Zuck

Construction Timeline: July 2023 – March 2024

  • Elevator Shaft and Stairs: July-December 2023
  • Registration Area (Main Entrance): August-November 2023
  • Rooftop Helipad: September-December 2023
  • Emergency Department Interior: November-December 2023
  • Patient Waiting Area: November 2023
  • Emergency Department Registration and Security Desk: December 2023-March 2024

Estimated Cost: $4.5 M

Funding Sources: 

  • $2.5 million Federal Funding sponsored by Sen. Cantwell
  • $2.0 million philanthropy, grants & other sources