Welcome to Week 10 of Island Health’s Farm Stand!

August is here, for many of us this means squeezing in as many fun summer activities before Labor Day! The variety of fresh produce at farmer’s markets is currently at its peak. While variety can be fun, it also can be confusing.

Over the last two weeks, sweet onions have started appearing at the Farm Stand. Sweet onions are an early harvest onion with thin skin, less sulfur than storage onions, and a higher moisture content. Because of their higher moisture content, these alliums are not appropriate for long-term storage as they spoil quickly. Be sure to store them in the refrigerator for best shelf-life. Sweet onions are excellent eaten raw or in any cooking application where you don’t mind them losing their shape such as crock-pot beans and simmered sauces.

Storage onions are still sitting in the fields, scheduled to be picked in late summer. Storage onions have less moisture with a dry, paper-like outer layer. These onions are hearty and pungent, keeping their shape even if cooked. Storage onions are often labelled red, white, or yellow and are the type commonly found in grocery stores year round.

Stone fruit season is past peak so make sure to get your fill while you can! We all know how mealy and dull stone fruits are outside of their seasonal window. Stone fruits such as peaches and nectarines can be categorized into freestone or clingstone varieties. Freestone peaches have a stone (or pit) that easily falls out of the fruit when sliced open. Clingstone, on the other hand, have a stone that “clings” to the flesh, leading to a messier presentation when sliced. Despite this added work, clingstones tend to be sweeter and juicier than freestones.

Try this riff of a traditional tomato caprese using freestone nectarines in place of tomatoes: https://islandhealth.org/healthy-recipes/nectarine-caprese-salad/


This Week’s Participating Vendors

  • Schuh Farms will be providing their wide selection of Skagit grown produce, berries, flowers, honey, and cookies as well as choice items from family farms in Eastern Washington. https://schuhfarmswa.com/
  • Water Tank Bakery is back by popular demand with their artisan breads and cookies made using craft techniques and Washington grown Cairnspring Mills flour. https://www.watertankbakery.com/
  • Dog Island Mushrooms grows a variety of culinary mushrooms on Guemes Island and will bring mushrooms by the pound and mushroom growing kits. http://www.dogislandmushrooms.com/

Weekly Fresh-to-Go (FTG) Bags

Fresh-to-Go Bag Contents for Tuesday, August 9th

  • Green Beans
  • Choice of Greens
  • Sweet Onion
  • Blueberries
  • Peaches

How to Order Fresh-to-Go (FTG) Bags

Email farmstand@islandhospital.org by noon on Monday, August 8th to indicate you want the current FTG bag.

  • Please include a contact phone number (prefer cell phone) when placing your order.
  • Pick up FTG bag from the Schuh Farms booth at Farm Stand on Tuesday, August 2nd, 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Please pick up your Fresh-to-Go bag by 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, unless you make a special arrangement.
  • Pay at the Farm Stand.

If you pre-paid for the entire season there is no need to email, we have you on the list!

The Island Health Farm Stand runs 11 a.m.-4 p.m. every Tuesday from June 7th to September 6th. The Farm Stand is held in the 24th Street courtyard on the Island Health campus, just to the east of the main campus entrance.

Island Health employees and the local community are all welcome to attend.

Thank you,
Island Health Employee Wellness

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Published on August 4, 2022