The Diagnostic Imaging team passed along a shamrock themed Basket of Goodwill to our Finance and Human Resources departments on Friday, March 18, acknowledging the heavy lifting these departments have done lately.

These two groups have been through so much, and continually come to work day after day despite the magnitude of the project. It is that grace under pressure that we find so amazing. All departments in healthcare, including our non-clinical departments, play such a vital role in our organization, and it is important for us to recognize them.

Human Resources and Finance teams, we appreciate all that you do for us, and please know that you are not alone. We all support you, and see the hard work you put in daily!


NOTE: The “Basket of Goodwill” has been a tradition at Island Health that recognizes the great work and support from one department to another. The baskets have gained great popularity over the years due to the competitiveness and creativity of the departments. The Basket of Goodwill continues to be a highlight for the department both receiving and giving the basket.

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Published on March 18, 2022