Honored to Serve My Community

Why did you pursue a career in nursing?

I have always been a caregiver long before I became a nurse. Becoming a nurse derived from the loss of my mother. I thought to myself, “I want to give back.” Nursing, for me, is about leaving a lasting impact on others, and I hope my patients remember how I made them feel. I could not ask for a better career path for myself.

What distinguishes Island Health from other workplaces you’ve experienced?

When patients come in to Island Health, they are treated like family and not just a number. The same for new employees—they are welcomed with open arms, and treated with grace and kindness. Leadership actively listens to the feedback of employees. They give space to have a voice, welcome new ideas and recognize employees for a job well done.


What advice would you offer to someone considering a job at Island Health?

If you are positive and friendly, look no further! It is very fulfilling to work for such an amazing organization. Join the Island Health team, and be willing to ask questions and learn all you can from those around you.


How does leadership communicate with employees and encourage an open dialogue?

Senior leadership has an open door policy and this allows employees to feel heard. We receive monthly newsletters from our CEO plus quarterly, optional, in-person organizational updates. Staff meetings and morning team huddles are additional forums that allow employees to have open dialogue.


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