Entrance to 24th Street Building of Island Health.

As we welcome sunshine and summer in Anacortes, it is exciting to see the progress and upcoming completion of the Island Health Emergency Services Project. Over the last few months, we have been working hard to renovate the Main 24th Street Entrance, Central Waiting area, and Emergency Department while constructing a new helicopter pad on the hospital’s roof.

The project’s final phase involves removing the old helicopter pad from the parking lot and repaving and restriping the 24th Street parking lot, creating an additional 25 spaces for patients. Please read the parking information below as we plan for the repaving project.

Parking Lot Project Overview

Work on the 24th Street parking lot will be divided into two phases and will take place in July and August. There will be limited patient parking in the 24th Street parking lot during this time.

Please allow a few extra minutes to get to your appointments. We have requested that all staff use the Employee Parking lot on the south end of campus to keep street parking open for our patients and visitors, ensuring your convenience and easy access to appointments. The Anacortes Middle School parking lot, located one block north of Island Health, is also available for patients and visitors should a spot in the 24th Street lot not be available.

When parking is limited, a parking lot attendant will be stationed at the entrance of the Island Health 24th Street parking lot to help direct traffic and ensure parking availability for patients.

Emergency Service Project Details

The Emergency Services Project was made possible through a federal grant sponsored by Senator Maria Cantwell and generous philanthropic donations to the Island Health Foundation. The key highlights and benefits of the project include:

  • Relocation of the helicopter pad to the roof, closer to the Emergency Department
  • Enhanced building security for patients and staff
  • Improved flight path for airlifts
  • Creation of an actual “front door” to Island Health on 24th Street
  • Expansion of the 24th Street parking lot, adding 25 more parking spaces for patients
  • Improved patient flow, wayfinding, convenience and comfort

For more information, please visit islandhealth.org/progress.

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Map of the area around Island Health with alternative parking areas highlighted.

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Published on June 26, 2024