The Island Hospital Employee of the Month for September is Diagnostic Imaging CT and x-ray technologist, Bridget Harrison RT(R)(CT)(ARRT).

While in her role as a CT and x-ray technologist, Bridget has proven to be an exceptional worker and valuable team member. She is engaged and committed to delivering the highest level of care possible to her patients. When caring for her patients, Bridget is compassionate, speaking to them as if they were a family member. Her positive attitude and team focused approach helped make the Interventional Pain Program the success it has become. When Bridget sees areas that can be improved, she takes action; when a coworker needs help, she gives it; and, when changes occur, she supports and adapts. Simply put, Bridget accepts challenges and does what is needed to succeed.

Since her arrival in 2009, Bridget has characterized Island Hospital’s Promise to consistently provide the best customer service to our patients, families, guests and colleagues. Congratulations and thanks for being an inspiration, Bridget!

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Published on October 1, 2019