Island Sports and Spine patient Ashley McArthur using the rowing machine at her local gym, after recovering from chronic back pain.

Department: Island Sports & Spine

Grateful Patient's Triumph Over Pain

“Dr. Krause literally changed my life,” Ashley McArthur said, not only of Dr. Krause’s treatment, but of his overall care. Ashley was first referred to Dr. Krause after several doctors, physical therapists and even an orthopedic surgeon could not help her with her back pain.

For more than a year, 29-year old Ashley, a lifelong runner and CrossFit athlete who moved to Oak Harbor from Pensacola, Florida in 2022, had severe back pain. The mysterious pain started in her thoracic area and moved down toward the lumbar region, worsening over time. MRIs were inconclusive, and surgery was discouraged. Once Island Sports & Spine got involved, things got much better.

“The whole staff helped me so much,” she said. “Dr. Krause was the only provider who listened to me and who has tried so hard to help me, even when we weren’t sure what was causing the pain.”

Ashley is doing much better. She now receives spinal injections along with continued physical therapy. She was even able to compete in a CrossFit competition earlier in 2024.

Island Sports & Spine offers minimally invasive, innovative treatments—rather than medications or surgery—to help patients with chronic pain. For more information, call 360.299.4929.

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